Where is my refund?

Short answer, it’s coming, but the #IRS is experiencing delays. We know how #frustrating 😤 this situation is. Especially for all of you out there that made the extra effort to #file early. Many of us here at #NSA#Tax and #Business#Services are in the same boat. Check out our website for more information on what the IRS is saying. Here is a snippet.

Due to #COVID-19, IRS #return#processing is down 12% compared to this time last year. As of June 12, the IRS has received 136.5 million individual #income tax returns and has processed only 124.6 million of them. The #delay in processing mainly affects paper-filed returns and electronically filed returns that require additional #verification from the #taxpayer. Tax returns that require additional verification or a manual IRS review were put on hold while the majority of IRS employees were sent home in March.

Basically we are all playing the waiting game. We are all in this #together. Make sure to check your mail to see if your return has been selected for review or verification.

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